Family Session

Blaise, Victoria & Vivian ~ The Presidio

It’s always a party with this fun bunch! I photographed Baby Vivian when she was only a few weeks old and it’s been such a pleasure to watch these kiddos grow in the past year. And look at all those cheeky smiles they gave me- adorable!

Howard Family 2013-12

Howard Family 2013-51

Howard Family 2013-49

Howard Family 2013-46

Howard Family 2013-37

Howard Family 2013-31

Howard Family 2013-24

Family Session

Benton ~ Baker Beach

What a beautiful afternoon for a sunset family photo shoot at Baker Beach! It has been such a pleasure to get to know this wonderful family and call them friends. Benton showered me with smiles during our entire shoot and if I did not have to take the photos, I would be covering him with hugs.

Ayer Family 2013-8

Ayer Family 2013-75

Ayer Family 2013-52

Ayer Family 2013-44

Ayer Family 2013-22

Newborn Session

Welcome, Cruz!

It was such a pleasure to meet Rocket, Cruz and their parents. Although it was a chilly morning, we ventured out to Aquatic Park and their rooftop deck for a few quick pics in between our adorable newborn portraits. Cruz was an absolute doll and let me photograph him as much as I like. It was such a fun morning! I can’t wait to watch how Rocket and Cruz grow up together and build that brotherly bond.

Wetzel Family 2013-82

Wetzel Family 2013-58

Wetzel Family 2013-48

Wetzel Family 2013-42

Wetzel Family 2013-17

Wetzel Family 2013-11

Wetzel Family 2013-8 copy


Rory ~ Palace of Fine Arts

I almost have no words for the amount of cuteness that is bundled up into this little tot, Rory. She looks like an actual little doll and my goodness, her eyes are stunning! My 4-year-old daughter has been begging me to let her assist me at a photo shoot so this was the perfect opportunity since Rory’s mommy is a dear friend. Little did I know that my daughter would want to be in all the photos with Rory! That said, we captured adorable candids of Rory exploring the outdoors. One of my fav’s is her “deep in thought” moment holding onto the rope.

Rory Barnowski 2013-12

Rory Barnowski 2013-15

Rory Barnowski 2013-10

Rory Barnowski 2013-3

Family Session

Riley & Chase ~ Baker Beach

I may be a bit bias since I’ve known these kiddos for a while now but how adorable are they?!? You can feel Riley’s happiness while she played at the beach. And Chase has grown so much since our newborn photo shoot! He has such an endearing personality now and is a sweet little toddler. Goodness, they grow too fast. Love these little ones and I look forward to watching them grow in the years to come.

Koblis Family 2013-62

Koblis Family 2013-42

Koblis Family 2013-31

Koblis Family 2013-38

Koblis Family 2013-25

Newborn Session

Welcome, Leo!

It is not often I meet San Francisco natives! Erica and Jaime have family two blocks away and boy, will that come in handy in the coming weeks. Baby Leo is such a good-natured little dude and I found myself cuddling him while we tried to get him back to sleep in between poses. He’s going to be a fantastic Lil’ Giants fan and one day, he will grow into that hat Mom and Dad bought him. Precious!!!

Gomez Family 2013-62

Gomez Family 2013-10

Gomez Family 2013-57

Gomez Family 2013-33

Gomez Family 2013-2

Family Session

Dylan + Alexander ~ Palace of Fine Arts

Beautiful weather and two handsome little guys. What a treat for me to photograph brothers, Dylan and Alexander. I photographed Alex when he was only a few weeks old and can’t believe not only how much he’s grown but what a sweet personality he has for such a little guy. Adorable! And Dylan is always a blast to photograph. He’s such a cutie and I love watching him play with his lil’ brother. Sweet siblings. LOVE!

Mulligan Family 2013-63

Mulligan Family 2013-7

Mulligan Family 2013-38

Mulligan Family 2013-29