Marcus & Ava ~ Palace of Fine Arts

I have known Marcus and his family since he and my daughter were a mere five weeks old and I think of these kiddos as my own. It was such a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family and in a mere 20-minute-shoot given the blustery winds and 40-degree weather. I look forward to watching them grow up…but not too fast!

Escarzega Family 2013-35

Escarzega Family 2013-27

Escarzega Family 2013-26

Escarzega Family 2013-25

Escarzega Family 2013-19

Escarzega Family 2013-10

Escarzega Family 2013-9

Escarzega Family 2013-8


Rory ~ Palace of Fine Arts

I almost have no words for the amount of cuteness that is bundled up into this little tot, Rory. She looks like an actual little doll and my goodness, her eyes are stunning! My 4-year-old daughter has been begging me to let her assist me at a photo shoot so this was the perfect opportunity since Rory’s mommy is a dear friend. Little did I know that my daughter would want to be in all the photos with Rory! That said, we captured adorable candids of Rory exploring the outdoors. One of my fav’s is her “deep in thought” moment holding onto the rope.

Rory Barnowski 2013-12

Rory Barnowski 2013-15

Rory Barnowski 2013-10

Rory Barnowski 2013-3