Newborn Session

Welcome, Zachary!

I had the pleasure of holding Xuyen’s maternity photo shoot at Baker Beach and now, I finally meet the little guy! Zachary is all smiles for Mom and Dad and is such a happy baby. What a special first Christmas for sweet Zachary.

Tran Family 2013-15

Tran Family 2013-20

Tran Family 2013-65

Tran Family 2013-32

Tran Family 2013-11

Newborn Session

Grace ~ Sausalito

I know I say I’m in love with my little peanuts and snuggle bugs but it’s true and Grace is no exception. She was an absolute doll and such a little sweetheart during our photo shoot. Those precious little fingers and toes. We want to remember how little they once were before they start crawling and running all over the place. Congrats, Mom and Dad! You are blessed with a little sweet pea!

Aranda Family 2013-20

Aranda Family 2013-26

Aranda Family 2013-44

Aranda Family 2013-52

Aranda Family 2013-47

Newborn Session

Welcome, Hayden!

Hayden aka Hattie Bear, is all of nine weeks old but oh my goodness, he has the neck strength of a three month old baby! I don’t know where to start- his awesome hair, those cherub lips or his adorable chubby arms and legs. Hayden was such a pleasure to photograph and he has so much personality already. I can’t wait to watch him grow over the next year. Congrats, Mom and Dad on your handsome baby boy!

Adams Family-85

Adams Family-63

Adams Family-56

Adams Family-48

Adams Family-35

Newborn Session

Welcome, Cruz!

It was such a pleasure to meet Rocket, Cruz and their parents. Although it was a chilly morning, we ventured out to Aquatic Park and their rooftop deck for a few quick pics in between our adorable newborn portraits. Cruz was an absolute doll and let me photograph him as much as I like. It was such a fun morning! I can’t wait to watch how Rocket and Cruz grow up together and build that brotherly bond.

Wetzel Family 2013-82

Wetzel Family 2013-58

Wetzel Family 2013-48

Wetzel Family 2013-42

Wetzel Family 2013-17

Wetzel Family 2013-11

Wetzel Family 2013-8 copy

Newborn Session

Welcome, Leo!

It is not often I meet San Francisco natives! Erica and Jaime have family two blocks away and boy, will that come in handy in the coming weeks. Baby Leo is such a good-natured little dude and I found myself cuddling him while we tried to get him back to sleep in between poses. He’s going to be a fantastic Lil’ Giants fan and one day, he will grow into that hat Mom and Dad bought him. Precious!!!

Gomez Family 2013-62

Gomez Family 2013-10

Gomez Family 2013-57

Gomez Family 2013-33

Gomez Family 2013-2

Newborn Session

Welcome, Maya!

I cannot stop smiling when looking at sweet Maya. She smiled about a dozen times during our photo shoot and she’s only two weeks old! Her parents are in for a big treat with this happy little one. And I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some holiday cheer and so is Maya. As my grandma would say, she is as cute as a bug’s ear. (I think she’s even cuter than that!)

Newland Family 2013-23

Newland Family 2013-12

Newland Family 2013-6

Newland Family 2013-5

Newland Family 2013-22

Newland Family 2013-66

Newland Family 2013-53

Newland Family 2013-39

Newland Family 2013-28