Eileen & Patricio

The siblings enjoyed a lovely Christmas in San Francisco and took in a ton of local attractions- riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, taking a ferry to Alcatraz, ice skating in Union Square- they’ve done more in two weeks than I have in my entire decade in San Francisco! (Note to self: venture outside my usual fav spots) They really hammed it up during our sibling shoot and it was such a blast.

Labarca Family 2013-23

Labarca Family 2013-21

Labarca Family 2013-15

Labarca Family 2013-13


Henry, Sam and Betsy ~ San Francisco

One toddler, newborn twin babies, and a doggie. That’s the epitome of chaos, yet Mom and Dad manage everything like it’s no big deal. Feed one, change one, play with big brother Henry. Why did I ever think having one newborn was challenging?

Henry and I had a blast playing with his toys, rolling around on my fur throw and snapping a few pics here and there. Sam and Betsy had no idea they were a part of family photo shoot and slept right through it. Perfect!

Mayfield Family 2013-50

Mayfield Family 2013-26

Mayfield Family 2013-13

Mayfield Family 2013-7

Mayfield Family 2013-57

Danielle ~ Palace of Fine Arts

It was another chilly morning in San Francisco but a beautiful morning for a family photo shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts. Danielle is such a sweet little toddler and loved exploring all the nooks and crannies at the POFA. I just love her gorgeous curls and precious smile and she just makes me smile.

Fayngersh Family 2013-48

Fayngersh Family 2013-42

Fayngersh Family 2013-34

Fayngersh Family 2013-25

Fayngersh Family 2013-15

Fayngersh Family 2013-6

Elise & Jack ~ Palace of Fine Arts

Since Jack’s newborn photo shoot, he’s grown just a tad. 🙂 Elise was an outgoing chatty two-year-old so nothing has changed much there. And these kiddos are gorgeous not to mention their parents! I love photographing this family (and auntie) for their holiday card fun (note the overalls).

Adamson Family 2013-55

Adamson Family 2013-51

Adamson Family 2013-48

Adamson Family 2013-36

Adamson Family 2013-18

Adamson Family 2013-8

Aidan & Gavin ~ Palace of Fine Arts

Picture this- 40 degrees, strong bitter cold winds and no sun. This was the coldest weather we’ve had in San Francisco yet and the boys were such troopers. They have such a genuine happiness and joy that you can feel when you are around them. Big brother, Aidan’s smile is infectious and he just melts my heart.

Byrne Family 2013-9

Byrne Family 2013-38

Byrne Family 2013-23

Liam ~ Pacific Heights

I love love love Mom’s idea for a family photo shoot. Liam is a big fan of the movie, “Up” so Mom brought balloons to our photo shoot. Although Liam is a little shy of cameras, he shares so many smiles with us off-camera. 🙂

Resch Family 2013-1

Resch Family 2013-16

Resch Family 2013-51

Resch Family 2013-44

Nico, Lucas & Mario ~ Presidio

What a handsome trio of boys and even more important, they are such polite kiddos. Nico and Lucas are so loving with their little brother, Mario and it’s endearing to watch them together. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and new year for a wonderful family!

Beard Family-13

Beard Family-62

Beard Family-60

Beard Family-29

Myles & Brady ~ Palace of Fine Arts

I can’t believe how much little Brady has grown since our newborn photo shoot! Now, he’s trying to keep up with big brother, Myles and they are too cute together. They’re such a joy to be around.

Jenkins Family 2013-5

Jenkins Family 2013-28

Jenkins Family 2013-27

Jenkins Family 2013-16

Jenkins Family 2013-15

Ari & Ava ~ Crissy Field

I have photographed this family for years now and the kiddos continue to dazzle me with their smiles and sweet personalities. Sarah loves for me to capture candid moments and you can really see the love and adoration this family has for each other.

Siegel Family 2013-43

Siegel Family 2013-34

Siegel Family 2013-25

Siegel Family 2013-23

Siegel Family 2013-21

Siegel Family 2013-18

Siegel Family 2013-10

Siegel Family 2013-7

Maddie & Zach ~ Palace of Fine Arts

I love photographing older kiddos because they’ve just got such personality and they say the funniest things. These two are hilarious in that they have the typical big sister/lil brother relationship. One minute they’re driving each other crazy and the next minute they’re so sweet. And of course there was lots of wrestling during our photo shoot. So fun!

Odam Family 2013-58

Odam Family 2013-53

Odam Family 2013-47

Odam Family 2013-43

Odam Family 2013-40

Odam Family 2013-1