About Leslie


Between making mud cakes in the backyard with my daughter and snuggles with my baby boy, my heart is full.  My husband and I marvel at how fast the years fly by watching these two grow into their own little personalities.  The things our daughter says these days! Audrey said she wanted to become a vegetarian. When we told her she couldn’t eat cheeseburgers or chicken fingers anymore, she said, “Never mind, I’ll give up water instead.” What?!?

I love surrounding myself with children and newborns all weekend! Children laughing, hugging their parents, blowing bubbles. A precious newborn, those little fingers, toes and cherub nose. And there’s a huge feeling of accomplishment and happiness when I send my families their gallery. I love being able to capture such special moments for families to enjoy and frame in their homes. And even better, I love that I get to see the same families each year for Fall family sessions and watch their little ones grow.

If there was one thing that kept me going through these early years with children, it was my fellow moms. When they say, “it takes a village,” they’re not kidding! I feel so fortunate to be able to take my kiddos on outings around our new neighborhood and then head off to book club with my girlfriends.  Time with friends is so important to relax…and to talk about our kiddos, hahaha.

Audrey & Gray Easter 2016-5


2 thoughts on “About Leslie

  1. Leslie, you are a very talented photographer. I have seen some of your photos and they are way better than most of the others. I do believe that you have the talent of catching a very special moment and that you have a keen eye for that too! Keep up the good work and kudos to you too! Dr. Danni

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