Family Session

Will & Maisie ~ Baker Beach

Grandma Florence called me in the summer to plan a family portrait over Thanksgiving weekend after seeing some of my photos from Baker Beach. Florence had such a endearing personal story about crossing the Golden Gate Bridge when she was a girl and it just made our photo shoot all that much more special. We had a lot of fun during our shoot and I just love when adults get silly (note the family of four laying on each other). Best of all, Maisie and Will are too cute together. Look at that snuggle- priceless!

Perusse Family 2013-25

Perusse Family 2013-79

Perusse Family 2013-71

Perusse Family 2013-42

Family Session

Giovanna & Dante ~ Presidio

I have a special place in my heart for these adorable siblings, Giovanna and Dante. I’ve known them since Giovanna was a teeny tot and it’s a pleasure to watch these kiddos grow up. And I am in love with how Giovanna shows her love and affection for her family in each and every photo.

Venegas Family 2013-39

Venegas Family 2013-34

Venegas Family 2013-31

Venegas Family 2013-20

Venegas Family 2013-18

Venegas Family 2013-5

Family Session

Brooks, Teddy & George ~ Baker Beach

What started out as an annual family photo session with a lovely family turned into a National Geographic’s special. We had a pod of dolphins swimming by right off the shore and we ended our shoot with a gorgeous crab which, Baby George wanted to hold and did not understand why we wouldn’t let him. 🙂

I can’t get over how much these boys have grown in a year but also, how much their little personalities have come out and how loving they are to each other. Teddy and Brooks walking down to the water together, wrestling, and just having fun. It’s a blast to see them play and just have fun.

Hueser Family 2013-14

Hueser Family 2013-53

Hueser Family 2013-45

Hueser Family 2013-43

Hueser Family 2013-33

Hueser Family 2013-20

Hueser Family 2013-8

Family Session

Riley & Chase ~ Baker Beach

I may be a bit bias since I’ve known these kiddos for a while now but how adorable are they?!? You can feel Riley’s happiness while she played at the beach. And Chase has grown so much since our newborn photo shoot! He has such an endearing personality now and is a sweet little toddler. Goodness, they grow too fast. Love these little ones and I look forward to watching them grow in the years to come.

Koblis Family 2013-62

Koblis Family 2013-42

Koblis Family 2013-31

Koblis Family 2013-38

Koblis Family 2013-25

Family Session

Dylan + Alexander ~ Palace of Fine Arts

Beautiful weather and two handsome little guys. What a treat for me to photograph brothers, Dylan and Alexander. I photographed Alex when he was only a few weeks old and can’t believe not only how much he’s grown but what a sweet personality he has for such a little guy. Adorable! And Dylan is always a blast to photograph. He’s such a cutie and I love watching him play with his lil’ brother. Sweet siblings. LOVE!

Mulligan Family 2013-63

Mulligan Family 2013-7

Mulligan Family 2013-38

Mulligan Family 2013-29