Personalize Your Phone Case

I’m always trying to think of ways to display my family’s portraits in a fun and easy way and we’ve all seen personalized phone cases. So I thought, “Go ahead, Leslie. Just pick a photo and order a new case.” Easier said than done, right? I’ve struggled with committing to one photo for my phone and instead I end up using whatever case I conveniently find around the house. But it’s a new year and I decided to go ahead and choose ONE photo from thousands to print on a case.

And… I LOVE IT. Looking at my daughter’s face makes me smile and reminds me to stop and remember to take a minute of appreciation. And if I’m tired of this particular case in a few months (although I highly doubt it), then I can always order another one for $20 and put this one on my husband’s phone. Can you picture him answering a call at work with this case?! Now THAT makes me laugh!

So, moral of the story is to print out your family photos and use them however you like to make you smile. Wishing you a Happy Day!


Leslie Mills Moments-80

Leslie Mills Moments-78