Create Your Own Photo Wall Gallery

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If you’re like me, you have a ton of photos on your iPhone and keep promising yourself that you will print them one day. I make a yearly album with all my iPhone and camera photos but I also wanted to display some of my favorites in my home. Since I take a lot of photos (and I mean a LOT!), framing a few photos on my walls is just not enough. So, I searched on Pinterest for a fun way to display a large group of photos and I was inspired to make an Instagram-like wall display.

Materials Needed
– 4×4 prints
– 4ft x 8ft soundboard cut down to a size that fits on your wall
– burlap
– staple gun + staples
– 1/2 inch pins

First, I ordered matte 4×4 prints from My board fits 77 prints but it depends how many rows and columns you create on your board. I did have to spend some time cropping my photos when ordering but it didn’t take too long. Then, I ventured to Home Depot and bought a ginormous piece of soundboard (4ft x 8ft) and begged an employee to cut it down for me to 3ft x 5ft. A square shape would also look beautiful but the space I have in my home needed to be a longer piece. My last errand was a trip to Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store for burlap material to cover the soundboard.

Once back home, I covered the soundboard with burlap using a staple gun to secure the burlap. My daughter “helped” me hold the burlap down but it’s easily a one-person task. Actually, it would probably be much easier if only one person did this step but Audrey was so proud to help make our photo board so I gladly accepted her help. 🙂 I double layered the burlap so the soundboard was completely hidden. Okay, now here’s where my perfectionist tendencies come out. You could eyeball the spacing of your photo placement by just putting them all out and moving them around until the rows and columns look even…but I couldn’t do that. Instead, I took yarn and made rows and columns to make sure my photos were as evenly spaced as possible. And even after all that, the photos are still not evenly spaced but I still love this project to pieces. The last step is to take pins and secure the corners of each photo. The pins allow you to change out the photos whenever you like.

I wasn’t sure how this project would look once completed but I just love it. It’s a Happy Place Board and just makes me smile every time I look at it. I hope you make your own Happy Board this year too!


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Leslie Mills Moments-81